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Our goal is simple; we want all parents to feel confident, supported and powerful.


All of our recommendations are firmly grounded in the latest research.


Everyone’s journey to parenthood is unique. We welcome and respect all families.


We provide trusted information throughout your journey, recommending the safest and healthiest options to parents without judgment.

The Lamaze Six
Healthy Birth Practices

The Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices are based upon the most recent, evidence-based research. They are recommendations to help ease the birthing process and instill confidence. While some may have unique circumstances, all parents can benefit from understanding the options and information available to them.

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Connecting the Dots

Research and resources for perinatal professionals.

Home Visitor Programs Support Families during Pregnancy and Early Parenting

Home Visitor Programs Support Families during Pregnancy and Early Parenting

 Since our mission as Lamaze educators is to advance safe and healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting, sharing websites on free and voluntary evidence-based home visiting is a great tool for your classes.  According to the National Home Visiting Resource Center, evidence-based home visiting programs operate in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 5 U.S territories.

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Giving Birth with Confidence

Trusted resources, stories and answers for parents.

True Breastfeeding Support – What Does It Look Like?

True Breastfeeding Support – What Does It Look Like?

A positive breastfeeding experience requires good support. But what exactly does that mean and what does it look like? A breastfeeding book and class are good places to start, but true support is so much more. It can impact how long you breastfeed and whether you merely “survive” the experience or enjoy it.

To better understand good breastfeeding support, read through the following specific examples. Your details may vary, of course, but these guidelines will help you understand what's needed for optimal breastfeeding support. When possible, set yourself up with as many good breastfeeding support systems as possible before your baby is born.

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Lamaze Journeys

Rebekah Otto, Editor-in-Chief, Babylist, took an online class from Lamaze during her second pregnancy. Read her VBAC birth story.

Rebekah, Oakland


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