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Recommended Reading List

In addition to the Lamaze Learning Guide, Lamaze International has developed a list of core recommended readings for Lamaze Certification Exam candidates. This list of Lamaze educator resources is compiled for use in conjunction with the Lamaze Learning Guide. Each of these texts contains pertinent information for childbirth educators covering pregnancy, labor support, breastfeeding and early parenting.

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Recommended Books

1. Goer, Henci & Romano, Amy. (2012). Optimal care in childbirth. Seattle, WA: Classic Day.

2. Lothian, Judith & DeVries, Charlotte. (2017, third edition). Giving birth with confidence - The official Lamaze guide. New York, NY: Meadowbrook Press.

3. Simkin, Penny, Bolding, April, Keppler, Ann, Durham, Janelle, & Whalley, Janet. (2016). Pregnancy, childbirth, and the newborn. New York, NY: Meadowbrook Press. There is also a companion website to this book:*

4. One of the following breastfeeding books:

a. La Leche League. (2010). Womanly art of breastfeeding. Schaumburg, IL: La Leche League.

b. Mohrbacher, N. & Kendall-Tacket, K. (2010). Breastfeeding made simple. Oakland, CA: NewHarbinger Publications.

c. Newman, J. & Pitman, T. (2014). Jack Newman’s Guide to breastfeeding. London, UK: Pinter &Martin.

5. Amis, Debby & Green, Jeanne. (2015). Lamaze Toolkit for Childbirth Educators. Washington, DC: Lamaze International. (Note: The Toolkit is an online resource and is included with the purchase of the Lamaze Learning Guide).


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